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Furl Gives Backflip Real Competition

I've previously posted about Backflip , an online service that enables you to bookmark Web pages, search them, and share them selectively. Backflip is great for research, as it allows you to categorize saved pages in folders or subfolders, add comments, and share them publicly, with only a select group of individuals (by email), or keep them private. However, a new service called Furl has added some features that Backflip has always, annoyingly, been missing. Unfortunately, Furl isn't quite everything that Backflip is plus more, so the ultimate answer as to which service is better remains "it depends." But Furl does have several key advantages. Commenting: Both Backflip and Furl allow you to add comments for a saved page, but Furl also lets you rate each page from 1-5 and add keywords (very helpful for searching) as well as prose comments. Searching: Again, both Backflip and Furl allow you to search your saved pages, but Furl provides greater flexibility for searc

Further Expansion at the Web Marketing Portal

Expansion continues at WebMarketCentral with the addition of a new Web marketing resources page for b2b lead generation, a new Web marketing tools page, additional listings for SEO services and ad agencies, and a bigger Web marketing books page . The new lead generation services page highlights firms that provide teleprospecting, lead management, lead nurturing, appointment setting, lead qualification, and response management services for both b2b and b2c clients. The Web marketing software tools page offers search engine optimization, e-commerce, Web site development, and Flash generation applications. The search engine optimization and marketing page has been expanded and continues to get more worldy with several new listings including Fathom SEO in the U.S. (Ohio), Neutralize in the U.K., and RankUno in India. Finally, WebMarketCentral's directory of marketing, creative, and advertising agencies has several new listings including Wellesley Hills Group , a Boston firm spec

My Interview with Mike Schultz

This week, I caught up with Mike Schultz , Publisher of , and co-founder of the Wellesley Hills Group . His organization helps professional services firms, such as law firms and accountants, market their services more effectively. In addition to direct consulting, the firm conducts primary research on best practices in marketing and selling professional services. WebMarketCentral (WMC): What did you do before Mike Schultz (MS): First, is a division of the Wellesley Hills Group, of which I am a founder and principal. Before that I was a Director with Linkage, Inc., a leadership development organizational development consulting firm, running a large P&L there. WMC: How, when and why did you get started in this business? MS: John Doerr and I founded the Wellesley Hills Group when we saw the need for professional leadership, marketing, and business development at services firms. Many services firms (accounting, consulting, law,