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Top Internet Advertising Networks That Generate Clicks

Although Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing remain the gorillas of online advertising, there are a considerable number of alternatives for generating exposure and clicks. Here the top Internet ad network alternatives: Chitika Serves up mini-malls and guided shopping services through a large network (10,000+) of websites and blogs. Strictly B2C. Search, behavioral, and database marketing services for online advertisers. Now owned by AOL. 24/7 RealMedia Web advertising and search marketing through a diverse network of consumer, business and media sites. Primarily B2C, but can provide brand exposure for broad-market B2B advertisers as well. Commission Junction Affiliate marketing and managed search advertising for B2C retailers. Owned by ValueClick. Kanoodle Runs search ads on a network of search engines such as CNET's, Mamma, WebCrawler and Dogpile. Suitable for B2C or B2B advertisers. ValueClick Provides online display advertisin

Two New Web Marketing Concepts Fit For Clients

Going beyond search ads, pop-ups, banners, email marketing, white paper postings, podcasts, webcasts, video, even social networking, web marketing innovations -- of sorts -- continue to be developed. One new offering is browser branding from Brand Thunder . The company offers web browser customization services that enable clients to customize the look, feel and functionality of the Firefox web browser by adding their logo, content, custom functions (such as a news ticker and custom link buttons) to the user experience. Beyond the limitation to Firefox, one has to ask the question: do users really want a "branded" web browser? CEO Patrick Murphy is betting they will, if there is enough value-add in the form of enhanced browser functionality. Time will tell. Other than this dialog between Mr. Murphy and a few early users on StartupNation, I haven't seen much about Brand Thunder yet. An offering with a different sort of potential is ShowMeLocal . In the words of found

More of the Best Website Marketing Tools To Increase Your Clicks

Larry Chase at WDFM recently published his "Top 10 Marketing Sites for 2006." (Somehow he overlooked WebMarketCentral , but he's probably saving that for the 2007 list.) Here are the best tools from his list plus a few featured here previously that belong in any "top" tools list. SpyFu Type in any search phrase, and SpyFu will show you: - The top organic and paid search results - The number of advertisers who have purchased that term - Other terms also bought by these advertisers - Clicks per day and cost per click Keyword Cloud A useful keyword density tool that provides a visual display of the most prominent keywords for any site, along with a keyword frequency and density table. Note that this tool works much better with IE than with FireFox. Google AdWords: Keyword Tool Enter a search phrase, and this Google tool will display related keywords along with advertiser competition and search volume; average cost per click and ad position by bid amo

2018 - An Update on Backflip's Browser Compatibility

This Post was made as an Update to the original.  Tom Pick was the original author.  In this system, he still shows up as the author when that post is updated.  Mike Bannan   RIP: Circa 2000 closed its doors in in late 1999 or early 2000. I have been interested in making comparisons between now 2018 and the past as far as the internet is concerned.  According to  Wikipedia Social Bookmarking  page, there are few Social bookmarking sites left.  Is Social Book Marking Dead? Correcting my earlier comments on Backflip , an online bookmarking and excellent research tool: it does indeed work with Firefox (or pretty much any other browser). Kenny Gorman sent me the following information: "Backflip indeed does work on Firefox. You simply have to create the 'button' by yourself. In fact, it works on Safari and just about any other browser that has a button bar. If you paste the below link into any button bar, your button will work... javascript:void

Print Magazines Are Dying, But Their Brands Aren't

The fact it has been one year since one of my favorite print pubs, the award-winning CMO Magazin e, ceased publishing got me reflecting on the state of print magazines. Printed publications will eventually go the way of printed checks (which are being replaced by check cards, which are in the early stage of being replaced by the human thumb, which will eventually be replaced by Humans 2.0) and CDs (downloads). What killed CMO? Although Blackfriars blamed a slowdown in marketing spending generally, Joseph Jaffe and Web Ink Now seem closer to the truth: the publication failed to capitalize on its brand franchise. To survive, publishers will have to stop thinking in terms of format (print magazines) and focus instead on providing compelling content that attracts a quality audience, and is delivered in a variety of formats (print, website, blog, podcast , video, and whatever comes next). The printed page won't continue to attract advertisers indefinitely, but delivery of a target