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AMP Stories

You know about AMP, but do you know about the latest AMP release called "AMP Stories"? This is a new, visually stimulating storytelling option for the mobile web! The goal behind this is to make engagement as enjoyable as possible and to drive engagement numbers through the roof. Only time will tell if this works out as planned, if so, this will be a game changer for the way user experience is perceived. (Image taken from Search Engine Land)

6 Social Media Marketing Practices That Boost SEO Campaigns

6 Social Media Marketing Practices That Boost SEO Campaigns Social media marketing and SEO go together like bread and butter. If you’re looking to attract visitors to your page, then these two elements are major game-changers. Both of them combined works to create a unique and enticing identity for your brand which is crucial for improving social media reach. You can bring out high-quality content with strong and visible brand presence, but without SEO, it would not be reaching the right people, and your search ranking may be greatly affected. So rather than letting your work go to waste, let’s talk about how social media attention can improve your SEO. Here are 6 social media practices that are invaluable when it comes to stepping up SEO campaigns. Bring up your Number of Followers The larger the number of followers you have on your social media profile, the more visible you are. And the catch is that you need to get them organically. Anyone can buy over 100,000 proxy f

Smile It Is Sunday!

Smile It Is Sunday!

Fun Fact Friday: Optimizing for Sharing

This week for fun fact Friday, we will be sharing with you the importance of optimizing content not only for SEO, but for sharing! It is important to optimize your content with sharing buttons only to the sites that you think will actually share your content and engage with it. The reasoning behind this is because you will end up getting better numbers from the target market that you have been trying to appeal to all along, instead of getting scattered numbers of feedback from other readers that do not matter as much to what you are trying to achieve with your content. Only limit your social media sharing button to 3 at the most because, with too many options, your brain will become fatigued and may not end up getting shared at all in the end.

Happy Birthday George Washington

Happy Birthday George Washington! Fun Fact: George bred hound dogs and treated them like beloved members of his own family. He named them funny names like Sweet Lips and True Love

The Good, The Bad, And the Auto-Engagement Bots

Are you a frequent user of the Auto-Engagement Bots? If so, you should not be after reading this post. The reasoning we have conducted as to why you should stop utilizing these bots is because you are: 1. Missing out the opportunity to actually see posts that show up on your feed and that could end up instilling you with knowledge 2. It is obvious that you are a bot user and people may think of you as a lesser company or individual because you do not have true intentions behind engaging with their posts like one should have. This can lead to even more serious repercussions like losing business and your sparkling reputation.

Dangers Going From A Follow To A Pitch

It is so exciting when you get a follow from that person you have wanted to connect with for awhile because they are so interesting and you love what they have to say! However, the way to keep your relationship with them strong and healthy is NOT to send them an automatic pitch message, but to keep your communication level simple and low to only liking each other's posts until you get real and consistent engagement with them. That is when you can direct message them! Having a pitch message sent from the second you become followers of each other comes off as cold and greedy, something you want to avoid at all costs if you are trying to gain potential clients.

Web Design: Six Ways To Improve User Experience And Engagement

Web Design: 6 Ways To Improve User Experience And Engagement When you invest in a responsive website design , its optimization, hosting, and maintenance, naturally you want it to work for you. You want your website to impress visitors with its elegant design and riveting content and provide them efficiently with the information they are seeking so that they are encouraged to visit again. But a survey by SODA reports 80% of company websites offer terrible user experience. Reasons varied from slow page speed, cluttered architecture, lack of vital contact information, and unresponsive on different devices. What do users want from a website? To understand how you can improve your website’s user experience and engagement, you first need to understand what users expect from a good website and what turns them off. A Hubspot survey on user expectations from a website found the following: 40% of people will abandon a website if it takes more than three second

Enjoy the Fun of This Weekend

The weekend always has a lot of fun opportunities to offer those who worked hard all week! We  hope you enjoy thee opportunities because we know you deserve them.

People prefer Live Video for 2018

A Study was recently conducted, and the results of it showed that 80% of those who took the survey would rather watch a live video from a brand than read a blog post.. This is interesting for us because we love to blog! Any other avid bloggers feel kind of uneasy about this new trend that is starting for internet surfers?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us here at WMC! We hope that you enjoy this day with your loved one, feeling nothing but happiness and love in each others company. What did you end up doing for V-Day? Let us know! We love to hear all the different things people like to do!

How Influencer's are Important for Marketing

You may not have ever thought about how influencers can help the marketing world achieve a certain strategy or goal, but the reality is, they are almost the main reason why this goal or strategy is successful! They have the power over a certain market segment because of their fame, which can be used to help you as a marketing company obtain that market if it fits your marketing plan. Since half of the battle for marketing companies is appealing to the right target market, influencers can help the target market become aware of whatever it is the marketing company is trying to achieve.

Digital Marketing Trends Your Business Needs Watch Out for in 2018

Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2018 With lots of emerging technology and platforms to leverage, there's not been a more thrilling time for brands with many opportunities to connect with existing and future customers. To paint a clearer picture of the power of machine learning in the context of digital online marketing and how it might help in an industry like healthcare, take a look at his influence on this video utilizing the IBM Watson supercomputer. Dark Social offers a world of opportunities for brands and businesses and in 2018, investing time and money in this wide range of channels won't only helps you reach a host of niches demographics, but expand your reach significantly. 52% of marketing professionals across the globe feel that video is the kind of content with the best ROI. What is more, 43% of individuals said they would like to see more video content from marketers. With the younger demographics viewing more videos in a broader range of d

Working Over the Weekend?

Are any of you marketing enthusiasts working over the weekend? Let us know what you are working on!  

AHREFS tops the marketing blunder list of 2018

It’s Early in 2018 and AHREFS tops the marketing blunder list It’s only the first week in February and you are reading about the Metrics/Data supplier that has provided us with fodder by creating a huge marketing blunder, Ahrefs. My website in the dashboard after the big change to Ahrefs DR Ahrefs is world's biggest third-party database of search queries with refined monthly search volume and research metrics.  Their data is used by untold numbers of digital marketers across the world.  Arguably they are the industry leader in this type of data.  The only thing that they changed was how a tiny item in their metrics was being calculated.  About a week prior to the effective date of the change, Ahrefs notified users that a change was coming to how they calculated a domain rating or DR.  They also stated that many sites would see their rankings drop.  I agree that a need for change was warranted.  What I don’t agree with how they calculated the change and its ram

Cryptocurrency News

Facebook has turned its back against the hottest trend circulating the internet today... Cryptocurrency. Facebook started to ban ads on its website that promotes the use of Cryptocurrency in any way. Could this action Facebook has decided to take be for a reason? Is Cryptocurrency not as safe as we all originally thought? Or, is Facebook just worried that it may be some type of competition for it? What are your thoughts on the subject?

SEO comes with a side of Potato Wedges?

A Fun SEO Themed Cartoon by Doctor Digital, Steve Myers : Steve Myers has 10+ years experience in the digital world of search engine optimization . He is an expert at the development of creative marketing campaigns and keyword research.  His unique understanding of the big picture and a passion for execution makes him a force to be reckoned with.  He truly puts his heart and soul into every marketing campaign he is associated with.

The 5 Components Of A Successful Branding Strategy

Originally published by Results Driven Marketing the 5 Components of a Successful Branding Strategy are: Successful businesses rely on  different marketing strategies  to roll out their brands, from search engine marketing and pay-per-click advertising to display advertising, social media campaigns and live chat.  Every successful branding strategy, however, consists of common elements to build and maintain a relationship of trust with customers. Here are 5 components common to every successful  branding strategy : Vision :  why are you in business?  The obvious answer is “to make money.”  But aren’t there other reasons?  Perhaps it’s also because you like helping people and feel good when a satisfied customer calls to thank you.  Maybe it’s because you like the people who work for you, and like watching them succeed along with you.  Chances are, your business means more to you than money.  You need to formalize whatever that reason is in a vision statement.  Your visi

Social Media is Starting to Weed Out Fake Accounts

Just like Google, Twitter is becoming more and more intelligent when learning what accounts are real, and which are fake. Because of this, many people are experiencing a loss in followers, which for some, is a very big deal because they base their popularity on the amount of people who follow them. What are your thoughts on the internet, and now, social media platforms, becoming more sophisticated?

No Funds for SEO Or Marketing - Do This One Thing Instead

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) covers many facets, local, regional, international, onsite content and more, all of which can be complicated, time-consuming and costly but there are parts that can be done by your secretary, assistant or clerical worker with little guidance. Find directories where you can be listed without having to pay. For example, let’s say you’re are a professional like an attorney or a CPA that wants to increase your websites SEO, but you have limited marketing dollars. With a little searching on Google or Bing, you can find many directories that will add your listing and even provide a link to your website, for free.   There are no less than 200 directories that will do just this.  All you need to do is spend a little time finding them and then entering your firm or company’s information.  You are probably wondering why the directory company would list you for free.  There are a couple reasons which will make sense to you. The directories motive fo