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6 Social Media Marketing Practices That Boost SEO Campaigns

6 Social Media Marketing Practices That Boost SEO Campaigns
Social media marketing and SEO go together like bread and butter. If you’re looking to attract visitors to your page, then these two elements are major game-changers. Both of them combined works to create a unique and enticing identity for your brand which is crucial for improving social media reach. You can bring out high-quality content with strong and visible brand presence, but without SEO, it would not be reaching the right people, and your search ranking may be greatly affected.

So rather than letting your work go to waste, let’s talk about how social media attention can improve your SEO. Here are 6 social media practices that are invaluable when it comes to stepping up SEO campaigns.

Bring up your Number of Followers

The larger the number of followers you have on your social media profile, the more visible you are. And the catch is that you need to get them organically. Anyone can buy over 100,000 proxy followers. But since Google is able to detect the traffic to your website and it's origin, your ranking changes according to how you increase your genuine followers. 

With the right content marketing, you can present your brand in a consistent manner. Although this can be a slow process, posting content that is of interest to the user such as blog articles, tips, quizzes, general discussion items as well as direct user engagement can help give your brand a unique identity. Connecting with your customers directly and having conversations with them is one of the key factors to building and retaining a notable following that is also interactive. Once you build a bond with these users, they will come back and help you build your authority for new potential followers.

Get External Inbound Links to your content 

When it comes to Google, the more diverse external links you’ve got, the more authority you gain. To do so, you will have to come up with some high-quality influential content which other sites would want to link. If your content is original and interesting then it will garner interest. But to do so, it has to be placed in front of the right audience.

Social media is the launching pad for your content. Use hashtags to give your content more reach and try to include your content into existing threads and discussions. This will help you form a social reputation and maximize your potential as a linkable source.

Increase Social Sharing

Much like external links, social sharing plays a huge part in developing a brand’s authority. Any sort of positive validation from a genuine external source for your content can be of immense value and is immediately recognized by Google. Likes, shares, reactions, favorites, comments and retweets – all of these works towards increasing your level of authority.

There are various ways to increase social sharing. High-quality and relevant content will get shared on its own merit. Other ways include offering something in return for sharing your post. Interactive posts that ask people to like if they agree is also quite common nowadays.

The best part of this strategy is that it’s an evergreen cycle because the more people share your content, the more new followers you will gain, and the more followers you have, the more chances of shares.

Boosting Social Media Posts for Searches

Your posts on social media will only be effective when it reaches the right audiences enabling them to interact with your content. To achieve this you can re-use your content but in a secondary channel for search optimization. Boosting your social media posts will ensure that it reaches the right people and offer great results to your SEO campaigns.

By optimizing your content according to current relevance, it could earn a place in Google’s first page. So by making your posts optimized for the opportunity, you can gain a temporary yet strong position on Google’s search board. You can also use powerful anchor posts to optimize web searches of your brand through social media. Don’t forget to include website details or product details in all your content.

Locally Optimizing content

One of the best ways in which a business or user can boost its popularity amongst audiences is by sharing content on various social media platforms that involves local events. It provides the perfect opportunity to get in touch with the local community. This helps in sending signals about authority over local audiences to the search engine. Posting pictures of local festivals, trade shows and other events reinforcing your active participation makes you highly visible on local searches.

Improving Brand Awareness

To increase your online brand presence, it is crucial that you work on increasing your social media reputation through high-quality content and engagement. An increase in branded search for your company will result in an increase in its rank for non-branded keywords. Simply put, having a strong brand presence within the social media world will help you receive significant search visibility.


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