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Go Twitter!

Twitter has started to filter out negative tweets that it thinks no one would like or care to see. It is about time someone took this step to help social media get back to the friendly, happy place it was intended to be.

A New, Not So Tasteful Instagram Feature

Instagram is getting a little petty... Users can now mute accounts that they do not wish to see, but they also do not want to unfollow. You can now hit the 'Mute' button if you have recently broken up with your significant other, had a fight with one of your friends, or are still mad at one of the celebrities that did not email you back from 5th grade. It is like they don't exist anymore, without giving them the satisfaction that they got to you enough to unfollow them.

Fact or myth

1. Google penalizing you/ your business for creating duplicate content This penalty actually does not exist AT ALL! Google knows that duplicate content is part of the web and is bound to happen with all of the people out there that want to talk about a similar subject. Just be sure to use the proper tools for duplicate content use like canonicals, internal links, and sitemap inclusion so the proper page can be indexed! 2. Google has 3 main ranking factors It is impossible to pinpoint what the best-ranking factors are in Google's eyes because each query has different ranking factors and competition that tends to change daily. 3. Google values backlinks from all high authority domains Since Google takes into account the context of how a backlink is being used, this is not always true. Because if you are using the backlink incorrectly, Google will not value it, even if it is from one of the most authoritative websites out there!

Social Media Marketing 101: 8 Tips for Getting Social Media Ads Right

Social Media Marketing 101: 8 Tips for Getting Social Media Ads Right Social media marketing is an inseparable part of any marketing strategy today. Ever wondered why you see display advertising scattered on your walls and tagged "sponsored"? They are ads for companies advertising their products and services to increase their businesses by attracting potential buyers. If you are a marketing manager, entrepreneur or a social media specialist, this post is for you. Below are eight quick tricks and tips to get your social media ads on point to help you achieve and exceed your targets. 1. Uniqueness is the key Design your ads in a way that keeps people hooked and entertained. No one wants boring information to disrupt their browsing experience. Keep your ads unique and authentic to drive qualified traffic. 2. Gainfulness from your advertisements Improving usefulness through your ads for the potential audience does go a long way. Keeping the ads short, useful and st

Wishing You A Swell Weekend

CTA is Vital

The CTA or Call To Action can be what seals the deal for a customer to use your business. However, if you don't do it the proper way, it can be what sets your business at the bottom of the food chain. Get into your customers head if you want to make the best CTA possible.

The Periodic Table of Success

These Are The Top 25 Digital Marketing Design Trends for 2018

These Are The Top 25 Digital Marketing Design Trends for 2018 The world of visual design is always evolving. Trends disappear almost as soon as they emerge. In such a dynamic ecosystem, it pays to be ahead of time. This countdown of 2018’s top expected digital marketing trends is meant to keep you ahead of the game. Symmetrical designs, generic images, muted color schemes, subtle typography were all great in 2017 but won’t cut it with clients this year. Be bold, stand out could well be the principle that should govern your online presence especially web designs. Be prepared to think out of the box and be different—a sure way to catch people’s attention. Ditch generic The assembly line approach won’t be a hit in 2018. Customized, authentic images and rich media content will catch the eye. Stock pictures will need to be made into memes. The more personalized a photo, the more eye-catching it’s poised to be. Double Images User-generated content or self-cap

To Our Structured Data Lovers

Are you utilizing the schema MobileApplication markup? If not, you may be missing out on creating the best user experience possible. Which could lead to people utilizing other sites who do use this markup because it is easier and more enjoyable for them. This is something to take note of since more people everyday are using their mobile devices instead of computers to surf the web.

15 Important Facebook Statistics for Social Media Marketing Purposes

15 Important Facebook Statistics for Social Media Marketing Purposes It is a fact that Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. There have been several studies and surveys that reveal its popularity as well as the behavior of its users. These statistics are of great importance to businesses, especially for they can use them to boost their social media marketing effectiveness. Creating a brand strategy around these findings can effectively enhance the visibility of brands for sure. Here are 15 most important Facebook statistics you should know about and implement as a business: Facebook has the most users There are 2.07 billion MAUS or monthly active Facebook users, that is, more than one-third of the world population. So, you can imagine how effectively you can use Facebook for your brand’s reach. More multilingual users More than half of the users speak more than one language, in addition to English or otherwise. It was also

Traffic Attracting Tips

Traffic Attracting Tips: 1. Guest Posting- This will help get people who are fans of your guest that week on your site, potentially gaining you some new followers of your own, but definitely more traffic for your site 2. Social Media Promotion- (obviously) Utilize the fastest growing platform 3. Quora- Answer people's questions and you will be seen as an expert, compelling people to visit your site!

Why You Need Live Chat to Aid in Your Marketing Brand Strategy

Why You Need Live Chat to Aid in Your Marketing Brand Strategy Imagine walking into a store at your neighborhood mall. You like a jacket, but have some questions about it. You call out to a store employee who proceeds to answer all your questions and also shows you some other options. You walk out of the store one jacket richer. Now imagine a similar shopping situation, except this time it is on the Internet. You have put a jacket in your online shopping cart but are unsure if you should check out right away because you have some questions about the color or fit of the garment. The only way you can contact the store is by email or calling a toll-free number. You decide to drop an email later since you need to rush for an appointment. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and you’ve ended up not buying the jacket at all. There is now a simple solution to the problem of losing online customers due to delayed resolution of their concerns. It comes in the form of the live cha

Feedback Friday

Give us some feedback on how we are doing! We would love to hear how we can improve our website and the advice we dish out to our readers. And while you are at it, check out some of our favorite articles from the past few weeks:

Think Bigger, Think Broader

One of the main obstacles marketers face when they first establish themselves at an agency, is that they cannot connect to their target audience because they have too small of a scope. This is the general thought behind trying to appeal to the right audience. However, it is not true. The first step is to think big and broad, so you can get a grasp on what the majority of the market likes or does not like. After you establish that, is when you can move to smaller and smaller segments of your target audience.

Tech Tuesday

There is a video circulating of two robots putting together Ikea furniture like it is a walk in the park. If robots can successfully do this in an easy fashion, we truly believe there is nothing bots can't do! We can't wait to see what else robots are capable of in the near future.