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How Can Podcasts and Blogs Help Improve Your Brands Strategy?

Podcasts and Blogs Can Help Improve Brand Strategy

In the conversation about brand strategy, it is important to remember that we are focused on the consumer needs, emotions, and the competitive environment itself, more than numbers, data, and chart, at least, on the outside. Data is a different end of things. With brand strategy, we are concerned with how to reach specific goals by connecting with the consumers as people.

Two incredibly powerful tools in the improvement of brand strategy, the blog and the podcast,  have increased drastically in popularity and have become a regular inclusion in the talk of digital marketing. With both mediums, there is unlimited potential for human connection with an on-demand audience.


Blogs are, by nature, informal and conversational, and as such, they quickly draw attention to particular topics and businesses by adding a human touch. Blogging puts heavy emphasis on writing creatively and contributing useful information to a specific market.


How Do You Recover From Poor Business Listings Online?

How to Regain Trust from a Bad Listing 
Reputation management is key to keeping a business in a positive light, even after a bad business listing pops up. A bad business listing stems mainly from incorrect citations or addresses on a website. It gets even worse if the business has multiple locations. We know mistakes happen, but when it happens more than once or the original mistake (e.g. a street address) is not corrected, the business will lose consumer trust. It’s interesting that before social media, a business’s reputation was fixed with advertising (often costly) and/or with a press release. Today, social media creates an immediate need to get the correct information up on the website. We live in a world where instant gratification is the norm and to not fix an error on a website quickly, whether it’s a bad email address or an image, is a grave mistake. So, solving the problem includes being aware of it and fixing it quickly.
Digital Marketing Strategy 
Part of your digital market…

What Advantageous Aspects of Digital Marketing Could Be Learned?

Aspects of Conquering Digital Marketing:
Arguably, the world is becoming more and more digitally minded. The evolution of digital marketing has become stronger along with the new waves of technology regarding aspects of a business. It's no longer the way of the future - it's the way of the present. Those who lack SEO and social media marketing skills are left far behind; thus, there is an unparalleled urgency about bolstering digital marketing prowess. 
The thought of having to stay ahead of the game while juggling assignments and accounts can become troublesome. However, follow a precise process with learning the steps that could improve your digital marketing skills, as well as sharpen your competitive edge. 

Learning is Beneficial:
Digital marketing is different from many other disciplines in that what is mastered one day can be changed entirely, leaving it nearly irrelevant the next. In this field, the methods with which we plan strategies can swiftly become outdated, so it…

How Can SEO Tools Help Create A Mobile Site More Appealing?

How SEO Tools Can Help Make Your Mobile Website Appealing:
The world is rapidly going mobile, and if you haven't already built a mobile version of your site yet, then your competition will happily take care of this part for you, by snatching your mobile visitors away from you. Learning how social media marketing can help gain awareness for your business or site is a great positive. 
Here we provide a great example of how a cell phone makeover can radically change the experience for your mobile visitors.  We begin with some simple guidelines to ensure your website's mobile experience is designed to please the user in the hopes of gaining more clients. Through the use of seo tools, the benefits derived from the gained knowledge in marketing could create improvements to any aspects of the works. This is beneficial for search engine optimization purposes. 
Importantly, keep your mobile site to have minimized any challenges that could occur for viewers. One of the most significant …

A Wellness Tip from WMC

A tried and true wellness tip that is practiced daily in the office is the art of pausing. Pausing is very good when in a stressful situation because you are taking time to step back, and think not so in the moment about the task at hand.

Simply taking a little break can give your mind the time it needs to get itself together to perform at its peak or think of a more productive way to do certain tasks.

Happy 4th of July

IGTV is Taking Over YouTube

The newest feature offered by Instagram, IGTV (Instagram TV), is becoming so hot that it is taking dedicated, loyal YouTube users away from their comfort zone with hopes of making it big in the newly discovered realm Instagram just dropped on us.
A whole new opportunity for digital marketers and social media experts to put their skills to the test to see how they can get a competitive advantage with IGTV now. 
May only the strong Social Media gurus survive!

What Are Issues For Search Engine Marketing Lacking Organic Search?

Google’s Intuition & Search Engine Marketing
Technology has changed the way we live. That’s a fact. Some innovations make our lives easier, such as iPhones and automatic braking. However, with the pluses, there are minuses. You may have to ask Alex three times to turn on your living room lights because she misunderstood you. Or, automated phone menus that transfer you to the wrong department. And now, Google is displaying answers without any search results (zero search results). This is frustrating to not only users, but to marketers. Google Updates is taking away the opportunity for organic search results with this new algorithm. So, what’s a marketer to do?

But first, let’s take a look at how far search engines have come. Before Google, there was Archives (Archie). It was created in 1990 by Alan Emtage. Essentially, it was a database of web file names that would match user queries. Back then, people didn’t share files via the web; they shared files via File Transfer Protocol (FT…