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What Are Your Best Webdesign Ideas?

What Are Your Best Webdesign Ideas? Share with us and we will share ours with you!

SEO Basics: Keyword Research

The first step of the SEO process is finding the most popular keywords that are attributed to the business or services the business specializes in. This ensures you will be using keywords that real-life people actually use! Which then means, real-life people will actually be able to find the business on search engine listings thanks to your SEO work.

A Change in Perspective is Key for Marketers

Sometimes, one of the best exercises those in the marketing industry can do, is to place themselves in the shoes of the people they are trying to market to! This exercise lets you take a perspective you may not have been able to experience because you are on the complete opposite side of the equation. Did it work for you? Let us know!

Have a Relaxing Sunday

Even though we are all relaxing, the search engines never sleep! Make sure you keep track of the status of any websites you are doing SEO work for with  ahrefs!

Follow These 7 Tips To Increase Your Results With Display Advertising

7 Tips To Increase Your Results With Display Advertising Display or banner ads are advertisements that show up on a website. These advertisements can be used to promote a new product, offer or resource; create brand awareness; encourage buyers to complete a transaction on your website; or remarket yourself to prior visitors to your website. These ads usually have static content (text overlaid by an image or Flash plug-in) or rich media (interactive media in the form of videos that demand engagement from audiences) and a CTA (call-to-action that tells audiences where to click and what to expect after clicking). Display advertising gets a bad rap for being obtrusive or ineffective. But nothing could be far from the truth. Unbounce research indicates that 98% advertisers are not doing display advertising the right way and thus, not getting returns on their marketing investment. This implies there’s a fundamental gap between advertisers’ understanding of display ads and the bes

Social Media Now Has the Power to Censor The Government

Social Media has just appointed itself way more power and authority than any of us could have ever imagined.. Take a read about this subject from the Forbes article we found so interesting due to the drastic change in powers of government and social media. An Amnesty International protest. (GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images)

Throwback Thursday: Digital Marketing Style

Comment with some of your old, but favorite marketing styles and strategies! We would love to see how things have changed for us all in the marketing industry over time!

Stay Connected!

If you are a business owner, you must ALWAYS have your phone charged and at the ready! Letting an employee, current client, or potential client either give you a call, text, or message on any type of social media platform and not be answered right away (unless it is after your hours of operation) could be what sends your business spiraling downward with no hope of recovery. Staying connected to your clients and employee's shows you really care about them!

Do You Like Inforgraphics?

One of the most important tools a business, no matter what size, can take advantage of today is an infographic! Some of you may be wondering why. It is the simple fact that people these days are stimulated by more creative concepts than ever, we are at the height of our creative existence with all of the cool different items out there that people consider art. What better way to take advantage of this than to market your company or the services your company provides through the use of art! I know, this goes against some of the longest and most trusted business practices of deviating away from creativity and sticking to numbers and logic, but the higher level of creativity the population has advanced to, could be what sets your business apart from the rest if you can grab your potential clients in through the use of infographics!

Get Ready for Some of the Most Interesting SEO Trends & Google Changes of 2018

So I am sure some of you are out there wondering what 2018 is going to bring for the world of Search Engine Optimization and if Google is going to have anything to do with it, right? Because I know I was wondering the same thing as soon as the clock struck 12 on New Year's Eve. I recently read the coolest article  on what the new year will bring for SEO and Google. Here is a spin on some of the most important concepts I took away from diving head first into this article: 1. Content Regulation What does this mean? Basically no more fake news. Sorry to all those out there who enjoy reading the most ridiculous stories the supposedly happened about the killer clown that terrorized a whole town. This will be no more. Thanks to the amazing and always changing algorithms that Google produces, Google will be able to detect  “non-authoritative information” and devalue it to the point of non-existence. *Clean your content up before Google does it for you* 2. A Mind Blowing Voice Se

Fun Fact Friday

Fun Fact Friday!! 50% of search users begin their search with a mobile device and this percentage will only increase ( business2community ). This means that your site needs to be optimized for mobile usage!! Don't let your potential clients get away because of this reason!! It is a thing of the future!

What Goes Into A Successful Digital Marketing Plan?

The Google Girls and guys over there at Results Driven Marketing LLC, have done it yet AGAIN! They know exactly what it takes to make a plan for your social media departed that is nothing less than pure gold for all those who might be in need of a new plan! Take a look:

Google is becoming more sensitive with the ads people can see

Google is becoming more sensitive with the ads people can see- Friend OR Foe? In the U.K, Google is stepping up their game when it comes to monitoring ads due to certain legal restrictions that the U.S follows. Will this hurt or help certain business? What is your opinion?

Why Social Media is Good for More than Watching other People Live Life!

Did You Ever Have a Crazy Thought About Social Media Like it Helping with SEO? Neither did we until we saw this article written by the geniuses at Results Driven Marketing LLC. Give this a read if you want to learn how social media can be used to help your SEO value increase!

Digital Marketing Red Flags to be Aware of From Forbes

Some Words of Wisdom from Forbes for All You Digital Marketers Forbes Community voice has recently written an article that highlights some red flags for all of those that are in the digital marketing industry but might not be aware of because they are not mainstream in the industry just yet! Click the link to view:

Have A Fun Weekend!

Have a fun weekend everyone!! Do not forget to stay up to date on the latest SEO news with Search Engine Land! The world of SEO never sleeps.

Googl Girl's Introduction to : A Structured Data Memoir

One of the Google Girl's over at Results Driven Marketing LLC, has started her own blog series because she found a passion for structured data and wants to share it with the world! Check it out by clicking this link below. read away!

Throwback Thursday SEO Style

Technology is truly one of the fastest moving, always evolving industries in the world. A lot of people do not take the time to think how amazing this is or actual examples of how technology has helped SEO evolve. Here is a little article to open your eyes and help you realize how amazing technology and SEO are from 10 years ago to now Send us some examples of your own if you have any!

Wisdom Wednesday Post!

This week on wisdom Wednesday i have a fact for you about SEO that is going to blow you away!! Did you know "  Page titles are the most important on-page element after content ( hubspot )."? Your page title is what grabs people's attention from the get-go. You need to know the proper SEO practices to get the readers  you want!

The History and Future of Women in Web Design and Technology

Women are slowly but surely going to be men's top competitor if not now, in the near future when it comes to who will be taking over the web design industry. We have some historical facts to back up this prediction we have for the bright future of women in the tech industry! Click below to read a whole blog post that raves about this!

Want to Know the Future of Digital Marketing?

Want to know the future of Digital Marketing? This article by Forbes Magazine provides unique and cutting insight. I really like what's being said here: "By combining formerly disparate disciplines such as SEO, SEM, social media and traditional advertising, marketers are uncovering cost savings, convenience and consistency of messaging." That's one of the keys to marketing on the web in 2018. Consistency throughout the process.

The Top 6 Marketing Lessons Hubspot Learned in 2017

Our professional marketing friends over at Hubspot that we learn a lot from had a pretty insightful year in 2017! This is amazing to all of us in the marketing industry because it goes to show there is always information that can help advance our knowledge! #awesome #knowledge #wisdom

Do You Know All Of The SEO Tools of Trade? If Not, Take A Quick Peek!

Hot Tip! Good SEO practices involve optimization, keyword research, quality content, and the proper coding for your site!