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Here's Why Digital Marketing is the New Advertising in Today's World

Digital marketing is the new advertising Advertising has always been an essential part of bringing in customers for any business. A major chunk of consumers now does their preliminary research online before making purchases. This makes it all the more important for businesses today to invest in digital marketing. Investing in internet marketing brings businesses closer to where consumers are spending their time. The reach of traditional advertising mediums is dwindling down, as is evident from many such stalwarts of yesteryears like newspapers and magazines fighting tooth and nail to stay in business. The digital medium has many advantages like a wider reach, speed of delivery and precise reach which the traditional advertising forms have a hard time matching up with. Let’s take a look at the various reasons why businesses should embrace digital marketing for a better ROI. Targeting: It’s no secret that you have to go where your customer is, and the fact is most co

Why Waste Time Reading Content That Hurts More Than Helps

Three ways B2B marketers can … BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH Why waste your time reading content that is boring, repetitive, wrong or just plain trash? What is going on with the acceptance of mediocrity and the drivel that is being passed around by marketing bloggers? How are some of these people even employed or making a living? The garbage that is written and being passed off as valuable content is just ridiculous.   I can’t believe what the industry is accepting as decent content. Just how bad has the marketing blogosphere become? In MHO the industry is almost at rock bottom. Our industry is under attack from within. As proof, I offer that I read 3 really poorly constructed blogs today where no one even commented, but many of them were shared. Actually as an avid reader looking to grow and learn I am offended by much of the bunkum that is being offered. To prove my point, I will dissect the most recent industry article, that I read today. Note, it was shared 216 times. There

Five SEO Mistakes that Blogs Sometimes Make with Content Marketing

Five SEO Mistakes that Blogs Sometimes Make in Their Content Marketing Search engine presence is the crowning glory of any online business. Have you been contributing a lot of money towards your SEO campaigns without any results? Between the flux that the search engines’ algorithm is in, and an inundation of misinformation in the digital marketing circle, it is easy to forget the best practices that will make your SEO and content marketing a success. It is time to relearn the basics to explore the common mistakes you might be making with your blog. Here are some of them: Chaotic keyword stuffing Keywords are the essence for SEO. If you have great topics on your blog without keywords, you will never know what the users demand. You will also not know your audience and their interests. Keywords are extremely important for your blog architecture. However, it is not uncommon for some people to go overboard with them. This sometimes results in a blog post that looks extremely b

How Content Marketing will Help Your Strategic Marketing Process

Content Marketing is the strategic marketing process of establishing and distributing consistent content that is useful, enlightening and is entertaining for the potential customers. Content Marketing is important because not only does it help create authority for your brand, but it also sets you up with a community of devoted customers. Customers rely on search engines for solutions, and the best moment to win new customers is to be present when they search for things in your niche. This is precisely why it is pertinent to keep up with SEO trends. Here is a curation of the latest SEO trends that will influence content marketing in times to come: 1. Search engines are not text-only anymore: Have you heard of Alexa , which was developed by Amazon? Or Google Home? These are personal assistants that are taking the world by storm. They help answer any of your queries over speakers, just like if you were having a conversation with your buddy. You don’t have to type; your voi