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Social Media Marketing 101: 8 Tips for Getting Social Media Ads Right

Social Media Marketing 101: 8 Tips for Getting Social Media Ads Right Social media marketing is an inseparable part of any marketing strategy today. Ever wondered why you see display advertising scattered on your walls and tagged "sponsored"? They are ads for companies advertising their products and services to increase their businesses by attracting potential buyers. If you are a marketing manager, entrepreneur or a social media specialist, this post is for you. Below are eight quick tricks and tips to get your social media ads on point to help you achieve and exceed your targets. 1. Uniqueness is the key Design your ads in a way that keeps people hooked and entertained. No one wants boring information to disrupt their browsing experience. Keep your ads unique and authentic to drive qualified traffic. 2. Gainfulness from your advertisements Improving usefulness through your ads for the potential audience does go a long way. Keeping the ads short, useful and straightforward helps. How about a quick video to engage the user and add value to their lives and make them visit your site again! 3. Remember to be contextual
Every person scrolling through walls and ads have varied interests. Context helps, at all times. The targeting approach via your ads should be such that it reaches a vast number of the target audience. It will also give you insights into what works the best for them and what doesn't.

4. Enhance Credibility

And how? When all we have known is differentiation is the key. Yes, differentiation is vital. According to a research study, users place a more significance on brands who share useful content instead of looking into the origin of the content. Brands should focus on this phenomenon to build trustworthy contacts to drive traffic. You should also be building proprietary content. And content marketing is an effective way to enhance your credibility. 

5. Be Approachable

Even if you manage to draw in a customer, retention is an even trickier affair. Today, various tools like instant messaging exist to let potential users contact you in case of any queries. Businesses should be approachable and empower their users. This enhances customer-business relations. Be on your toes for your customers and enjoy the increased conversions. 

 6. Be persistent throughout 

According to a survey, almost 60% of users need to come in contact with the ads and content to build a reputation with a business and then take suitable actions. Quality content keeps the user interested, enhances a brand's goodwill and thus ensures a long-term relationship through the image that they have built. 

 7. Investigate and Explore 

Ads should be user-friendly. Always. Your brands should focus on testing their ads with real-time users and get their ads modified taking into account the reaction of your ideal audience. Experimenting is the key. Always remember, if the ad is too boring, it is going to go unnoticed. If you need to drive traffic, craft something that is going to be loved by your ideal consumer. 

 8. Attend your customers Attentively 

Remember to concentrate on your customers, listen to their pain points and help them overcome any issues that your product or service is causing. What else does a customer need? If you are attentive, empathize with them, hear them out, and find solutions rather than playing the blame game, there is no way you won't be able to convert a potential user into your valuable customer. 

 Make your presence noticed, the social media way!


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Twitter Twaddle, Part 2: Best Practices, Tools and The Future of Twitter

This is the second of a two-part series. Part one covered what Twitter is and why it's cool; this post discusses Twitter etiquette, tools, and speculation about its future.

How to Twitter Properly

Like any other social setting, Twitter has its own etiquette. This can be confusing to new users. (And, as you can see by spending more than a few minutes on Twitter, it's apparently elusive to many long-time users as well.) Margaret Mason has written an outstanding primer on Twitter etiquette, offering advice such as watch your ratio ("If only a few people follow you, but you follow a thousand or more, many people will assume you’re a spammer. That’s because you probably are. Go away, spammer."); never Twitter if you're drunk or high; and most importantly, "remember that everyone can hear you."

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Most Web 2.0 sites fall into one of a few increasingly well-defined categories, such as social bookmarking (Digg,, Searchles), social networking (LinkedIn, Facebook) or file sharing (YouTube, Flickr, podOmatic). Twitter, however, stands alone. (Okay, there's also Pownce, but Twitter is better.)

Self-described as simply a real-time short messaging service and often referred to a microblogging platform, to those new to it, Twitter resembles nothing so much as a giant cocktail party where everyone talks at once and hopes others listen. You can tell who's important by how many "followers" that person has, though that's no guarantee anyone is really paying attention. People (or rather, Tweeple in the Twitter lexicon) can come and go without really being noticed, just like at a real (very, very large) gathering.

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Top Notch Digital Marketing Tip: Know Your Audience

Looking for some online marketing tips to grow your business? Well, you’ve come to the right digital marketing resource! Web Market Central has been doling out the proper digital marketing advice for years. And as you already know, marketing to customers online is 100 times easier than using dated, expensive, and traditional marketing tactics. Like seriously, who uses billboards in 2019? Online marketing is cost-effective Easier to reach your audience members and potential customers And you know exactly who you’re reaching 

You have the ability to optimize campaigns and websites if they are not performing the way you want them to. You can clearly see how many people have opened your emails and clicked a link. You can even target who you want to when you want to.

So now that you're totally convinced of what you already knew, let’s give you today's top-notch digital marketing tip!

Know your target audience and knowing how to target them

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Tips Week, Content Marketing Part 2

Continuing the mad tips!

 Go 6 months without mentioning your product There's a study that compared CMI’s informational/educational posts to posts that mentioned their products and/or services. The posts that talked about the brand received about 25 percent of the total unique visitors that a regular, educational post did. At the same time, those branding posts received virtually no additional subscribers on sales-related posts, while regular posts brought in between 35 and 75 subscribers. The point is this: The more you talk about yourself, the more you’ll negatively impact your content marketing efforts. Keep the offers outside the content, and watch your program flourish.

WMC Opens up marketing tips section.

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Tips Week Content Marketing Part 4

More tips, more tips, more tips!

Forget real-time marketing Some of the real-time marketing examples surrounding the tragic death of Robin Williams will make you sick to your stomach. Brands and publishers alike are tripping over themselves to leverage breaking news for business gain. The only situation in which you should be considering real-time marketing is if your content marketing strategy is near perfect. Only then will you be well prepared enough to tackle the risks of real-time (and reap the potential rewards). Focus on consistent, valuable information… become the expert… get the process in place… be patient.

Tips Week: Content Marketing Strategies and Ideas Part 1

After last week's Quote Week, we're moving onto Tips Week! And our focus is Content Marketing!

Take “best of breed” seriously Ninety-nine percent of companies don’t do this. There are at least six principles that are essential to epic content marketing. The sixth, and perhaps most important, is setting a goal/mission to be the “best of breed” informational provider for your industry niche — i.e., to truly be the leading informational resource for your industry. This is critical to making content marketing work for you. If your content marketing isn’t eagerly anticipated and truly necessary, at some point, your audience will see through the fa├žade and ignore you. Ask yourself this: If your content marketing disappeared from the planet, would anyone miss it? If no one would miss your information, you’ve got work to do. Start by setting your goal, then set up the processes and invest in the people you need to reach that goal.